Meet the Sponsors: Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Inc.

April 25, 2019 | Halifax Crafters Society

Before we start presenting some of our featured crafters, allow us to present our Presenting Sponsor- Tucker’s Pottery Supplies! Our shows are simply not possible without our amazing sponsors and we feel so fortunate to have had the support of Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Inc. since 2017.

Tucker’s Pottery Supplies was established by Frank Tucker in 1975 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Ceramics were not as popular or well supported at that time and he saw an opportunity. “Our mission was to manufacture and source the best quality ceramic supplies and equipment and to provide them at reasonable prices with excellent, friendly service. That mission continues today.”

Tucker’s is an incredibly important resource in Canadian ceramics. They sell high quality clay and glaze, all kinds of tools and ceramic accessories, and are they manufacture Cone Art Kilns. These top notch kilns are sold internationally through a distribution network. They also offer workshops for aspiring potters and established ceramic artists. You might say they do it all!

A number of Halifax Crafter’s potters source their materials from Tucker’s Pottery Supplies, so this is a sponsor near and dear to our organization. “We had a distributor in Atlantic Canada for over 30 years.” Franks says. “That is no longer the case so we are now working directly with institutions and ceramic artists in the area. In order to be more directly involved with the community, we decided to support the Halifax Crafters.” How awesome is that?


From all of us at Halifax Crafters, thank you thank you Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Inc. We couldn’t do it without you!

You can visit Tucker’s website or facebook page to get more information.