Meet the Poster Designer: Fish Bone Prints

November 10, 2013 | Halifax Crafters Society

We caught up with Alex MacAskill of Fish Bone Prints and got the scoop on this year’s Holiday Market Poster. Read on below for the inspiration behind the poster and an explanation of how it was designed, pixel by pixel.

Winter Craft Market Poster (for web use)

What was your inspiration for the poster design?
I was brainstorming some themes for the poster that would nicely incorporate craft with the holiday season. Classic holiday sweaters seemed like a great fit. It’s bold and graphic, which is perfect for a poster. And fitting craft related imagery into the knitted pattern tied it all together even better.


Can you tell us about your process?
Surprisingly, this design was one of the few that I’ve done that was created entirely digitally. Normally I like to draw everything that isn’t photographic by hand and then bring it into the computer. It feels more authentic and is just easier to work with in the physical form. I mostly use Photoshop for colouring, formatting, and touch-ups. But using a gridded system where I could easily move things around and reposition/resize was the best way to go about this particular design. I designed the poster incredibly small, only about 30×50 pixels, and I coloured in the design pixel by pixel, stitch by stitch.  Once I got that all mapped out I blew it to full size and added some texture, softened the corners, and overlayed a scanned sweater texture to seal the deal.


I screen printed the posters myself. Despite how long I’ve been printing I still have trouble explaining the process with just words. But basically each colour is printed separately. Light-sensitive emulsion holds a stencil in a mesh screen stretched across a frame. Ink is then pushed through the stencil in the screen with a squeegee, and onto paper. 3 colours means each poster had to be printed 3 times. In the case of this poster: blue, pink, and transparent brown.

Look for Alex’s hand printed posters around the city, coming soon to a bulletin board near you.