Meet the Sponsors: Tuckers Pottery Supplies, Inc.

November 29, 2019 | Halifax Crafters Society

Meet The Sponsors: Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Inc. 

Since 2017, Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ontario, has been a proud Presenting Sponsor of Halifax Crafters. As a non-profit organization, Halifax Crafters Markets rely in part on the generosity of sponsors such as Tucker’s – for your continued support, we thank you! 

Tucker’s Pottery Supplies was founded by Frank Tucker in 1975, and since then has been providing Canadian potters – professionals and hobbyists alike – with high-quality clays, glazes, tools, ceramic accessories and kilns. To read a bit more about the background of Tucker’s and their importance to local crafters, check out this previous feature. 

For those of you who love collecting local handmade pottery, or who may have considered taking it up as a hobby, let’s learn a bit more about what makes that perfect mug, plate or dish.

Tucker’s Earthenware

Earthenware clay is a slightly porous opaque clay, often fired at a lower temperature. Earthenware is not very vitrified, meaning it is still somewhat permeable to water. Vitrification literally refers to the transformation of a material into glass – earthenware is not as “glassy” as some other pottery , but it has that characteristic texture that lends a natural look and feel. Its porousness can be a benefit when used for planters, which allows water and air to pass from the soil, which helps prevent root rot nd soil disease. While we may think of earth-coloured clays when it comes to earthenware – terra cotta is a common form of typically unglazed earthenware – Tucker’s also carries white earthenware clays too. 

Tucker’s Stoneware

Unlike earthenware, stoneware clay tends to be fired at a higher temperature and is less porous (more vitreous). Potters often choose stoneware clay due to its durability and resistance to liquids – so stoneware pottery is a great for drinks, serving, and cookware. It’s also heat resistant – good for microwaving or serving some piping hot tea. 

Tucker’s Porcelain

Porcelain clay is fired at an even higher temperature and is even more vitreous than both stoneware and earthenware. It has long been valued for its delicacy and strength, its translucence and crisp white colour. Even without a glaze, porcelain is not very porous, and in some cases the glaze is just added for strength and beauty. 

Tucker’s Raku Clay

Raku Pottery is made through a low-firing process, inspired by traditional Japanese pottery practices. It usually involves removing the pottery from the kiln while still hot and placing into combustible materials (!!) which produces a thermal shock. The result is deliberate cracking and colour-changes in the glaze. Because of this unique firing process, it’s ideal to use specific raku clay. Tucker’s also offers raku glazes (which are formulated for raku firing). 

Once you’ve chosen which clay you’ll want to use for your pottery, Tucker’s has so many more supplies to create your finished product. With all those options and such a wide range of quality products, there are endless possibilities when it comes to making beautiful and functional pottery.  When you visit the Halifax Crafters Winter Market this year, be sure to chat with some of our potters and learn a little bit more about their process and products. Many of our potters use Tucker’s supplies and their product range allows them to create high-quality pieces with distinctive styles.

Thank you, Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Inc! To learn more, visit their website and Facebook page. We’ll see you, along with lots of beautiful local handmade pottery, at the Halifax Crafters Winter Market, beginning TOMORROW, November 29th and running all weekend!