Meet the Sponsors: Inkwell

November 13, 2014 | Halifax Crafters Society






The walls of Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio Inc. are white, but you can hardly see them. They’re covered in handmade prints, tea towels and more.

According to the owner, Andrea Rahal, the shop has been getting tons of new items for the winter season. So how do they decide what to stock?

“We like to keep things unique,” says Rahal. “We also gravitate towards graphic, illustrative type of work with lots of colour.”

It’s important the artist submits their own original creations, she adds.

DSC_0671Rahal estimates about 40 percent of Inkwell’s items are locally made. A blue sticker will tell shoppers which products are made in Nova Scotia. Emma Fitzgerald, for example, designed a beautiful blue and white port city calendar. The piece was printed using Inkwell’s own letterpress.

Calendars are popular around this time of year, Rahal explains. Her personal favourite is the city tops calendar, made by Idlewild of Florida. She particularly likes the Barcelona and Paris paintings.

“I just got back from vacation,” she explains.

Being an animal lover, I’m a sucker for Amélie Legault’s calendar which features “animals on wheels.” Who could resists a seagull riding a bike with French fries in the basket?dsc_0682-1

If you’re hosting a holiday party, Louise Lockhart’s game packages are a great idea. Handmade and shipped all the way from the United Kingdom, you can learn to play a traditional British party game with your friends.

If you’re looking for gifts, Inkwell has plenty of possibilities – not to mention cards to go with them. Brindy Linens’ tea towels are a great choice, and Rahal says anything with a nautical theme is hard to keep on the shelves. Linens’ designs feature things such as mittens, whales, and even puffins in love.


If you know a cat-lover with a good sense of humor, Inkwell has a couple “choose your own adventure novels” with a twist. You’re the main character, but you’re also a cat. Think you could navigate the feline version of yourself out of a zombie apocalypse? Only one way to find out!

Inkwell has sponsored Halifax Crafters Society for several years now, and we’re excited to have them be a part of our Christmas market.

“I think it’s a natural fit,” says Rahal. “We support a lot of the same local artists.”

You’ll have to work your way past some construction to get to Market street, but Inkwell is certainly worth a visit before the holidays.