Meet the Sponsors: Inkwell Boutique

November 27, 2013 | Halifax Crafters Society

Halifax Crafters is so fortunate to have the support of some amazing sponsors, we couldn’t do it without their help! Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrea Rahal of Inkwell Boutique. Many of our Crafters sell their work at Inkwell- if you can’t make it to our show and are shopping in Halifax for a handmade gift, make Andrea’s store your first stop!


Can you tell us about your store and what you do?
Inkwell is a modern handmade boutique and letterpress studio situated in downtown Halifax. It has an abundant selection of specialty printed paper products and handmade goodies made with love, by dozens of artists from around the corner and across the world.

Established in May 2011, Inkwell’s retail space provides a venue for modern, handmade art and gifts from an array of artists. With a focus on illustrative items, the boutique showcases small run and limited-edition paper goods including greeting cards, art prints, home decor and accessories like pottery, picture frames and textiles; specialty books; DIY Kits; rubber stamps and children’s toys.

The studio is currently home to three letterpresses, which are used to create the in-house product line – Inkwell Press, along with custom letterpress printing of personal stationery, business cards, event invitations, posters and art prints.

inkwell_panoramicWhat is your background?
My background is in Graphic Design. After graduating from NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University), I worked in advertising and publishing. As is often the case with my fellow letterpress printers, I fell in love with the look, feel and process of letterpress printing and returned to NSCAD to learn the printing medium.

I had a dream of developing a line of printed products and one day owning a boutique where I could sell my designs along side the work of other inspiring artists.

As the boutique is a year round operation supporting the growing local handmade community, Inkwell is very proud to support the Halifax Crafters Society.

inkwell-anniversary-inkonpressWhy did you choose to sponsor Halifax Crafters?
Many local Inkwell artists showcase their wares at the Halifax Crafters shows. It’s always exciting to see the new work that each crafter debuts at these events! Speaking with our customers, they really look forward to the Crafters shows, especially the Holiday one. The shows are a great opportunity to meet the artists who create the items they purchase and support them directly! With the huge selection and variety of products, I am always sure to find a gift, or two, or more for upcoming occasions and I always leave with something (usually sweet), for myself!

Many crafters would love to make their living, doing what they love (and I know several who already do)! The exposure and timing of the Halifax Crafters events is very beneficial in enabling them to become more established and to grow awareness of their talent, not to mention the wonderful community feeling it instills.

As Halifax Crafters is organized by dedicated and creative volunteers, financial support from businesses, like Inkwell, enables them to continue to be awesome!

pottery cupsThanks Andrea for helping to make Halifax Crafters great!

You can find Inkwell online at: