Meet the Sponsor: Made in the Maritimes

November 25, 2019 | Halifax Crafters Society

One rainy day in November, walking down Halifax’s historic Hydrostone Market, one sees the sandwich board outside of Made in the Maritimes. “150 Local Artists,” it proudly proclaims. In the window there is a festive display which incorporates branches and glass ornaments, and a range of folk art, from small hand-painted Santas to quirky angels and bright red wooden crabs. It’s a display that lets you know right away that this is indeed a Maritime craft shop – and that there are no doubt some unique crafters represented. 

With two locations in the HRM, Made in the Maritimes has been a destination for local craft since first opening in the Sunnyside Mall in April 2015. Among other crafts, one will find pottery, fine art and prints, textiles, cards and paper products, woodwork and carvings, jewellery, glass art, preserves and other regionally-made gourmet foods, and a range of beautiful and unique furnishings.

Of course, this time of year, holiday shopping is in full swing – and the shops are full of fun stocking stuffers, handmade Christmas ornaments, and other giftables. Even crafters have geared their offerings for the holiday season. Papercraft artist and Halifax Crafters Winter Market vendor Bardbardbard dropped off his now-famous “Merry Cranemas” pop-up card, to the delight of shoppers, according to staff. Hilborn Pottery, of Ontario, provided the shop with a new take on the vintage ceramic Christmas trees. Clayton Dickson, a local ceramic artist, brought in ceramic Santas, carollers, and snowmen, which have proved to be quite popular.

In a tight-knit city like Halifax, most everyone who comes into the shop will immediately recognize some familiar crafts and favourite crafters. Handicraft is a vital part of Maritime cultural expression and almost everyone knows – or is – a crafter. The beauty of a shop like Made in the Maritimes is that alongside those well-known Nova Scotian crafts are crafts from our neighbours too – it’s exciting to have that exposure to new and interesting crafts that are well-loved in their home provinces. 

After popping by the Halifax Crafters Winter Market this coming weekend, be sure to stop in and see the wares at Made in the Maritimes! We are so grateful to have them as a loyal sponsor of the organization, and to have them as ardent supporters of craft and crafters in our community. Thank you, Made in the Maritimes!