Meet the Poster Maker: Briana Corr Scott

April 16, 2019 | Halifax Crafters Society

The early weeks of Spring can be tough! You’re in a t-shirt one day, and snow gear the next. But one sign of Spring truly coming is the countdown to the Halifax Crafters’ Spring show, and the big reveal of the poster! This year, Briana Corr Scott of Union Studio has done an absolutely stunning job and we are so excited to see that pop of colour in her signature style showing up around town! We talked with Briana to get the scoop on that mothy goodness that has stolen our hearts.

Tell us about how you came up with the concept for the poster.

I am an artist that works in a couple different art fields. I make  illustrations, fine art oil paintings, and poems. I am currently exploring a theme across all of my work that uses a moth as a symbol for an “invisible world” that is around us; common plants, flowers and shells that are overlooked. Moths, dandelions and trees are magic if we sit still and notice them. Everything I make is inspired by nature. I recently had a painting showcase at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax, with an installation and poems about these ideas. I felt a pull to include a moth in the Halifax Crafters poster design. I used white dashed lines around the whole image because they look like the “cut lines” around my paper doll kits; I wanted to include the dolls somehow as they are a big part of what I show at  Halifax crafters markets.


Can you talk about your process for the poster?

Everything I make starts with drawing. I live in my sketchbook and draw from life all the time. To make an illustration I often carve a linoleum block,  print it, and paint over it to make an image. I use some digital process at the end to finish the work or lay it out with text. For the poster I carved a moth out of linoleum and printed it; I used black ink to alter it and painted some flowers around it. I scanned this and played with it digitally until I was happy with it. The text is hand painted in ink and altered digitally.

Were there any challenges designing the poster?

I could not narrow down to three colours! That was insanely hard. I had 17 different options at one point. I also changed my layout several times. The poster committee was supportive and helpful.

How long have you been with Halifax Crafters Society?

I started showing in 2013, and I look forward to it every year . I work alone in my studio all year and to have this interaction is important.  I have been inspired by ideas offered by customers, and I love hearing their stories. I also love meeting and interacting with the other vendors. It is an important community to me and that is why I joined the organization as a volunteer last year.

Anything else you want people to know?

am grateful for the opportunities that have arisen from the Halifax Crafters Market that have helped my business grow; I have been brave and pushed forward because I feel so much support from this community. It was an honour to design the poster.

You can find more of Briana’s amazing work online: