Meet the Poster Designer: Jacob Rolfe

November 21, 2019 | Halifax Crafters Society


Jacob Rolfe of Floating World Studio designed and screen printed this year’s winter market poster. “Raised in Ottawa, I studied printmaking at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax) for a little while, politics at Trent University (Peterborough), and now live on the south shore of Nova Scotia.” Jacob shared with us some of the process to make the poster.

How did you come up with the design for the poster?

I draw a lot of wiggly lines and patterns in my sketchbook… and octopi, especially these octopi, are pretty much just wiggles personified. The philosopher Alan Watts described reality as ‘an amazing system of wiggles’, and I must say I agree.

What is your process?

I usually smoke some weed and start drawing with a nice smooth felt-tipped pen… and see what happens. I sometimes start a drawing with a developed idea or subject in mind, but more often I do not.

After drawing, I use the computer (and a graphics tablet) to develop the composition, adding and removing lines and details and adding colour. Once the image in finalized, I separate the colours and create positives (one for each colour) on the computer.

Did you have any challenges making the poster?

I found dealing with the sponsors logos rather tricky… they involve lots of thin lines  that can be challenging to expose and print with my rudimentary equipment.


How long have you been a Halifax Crafter? 
Winter 2018 was my first HFX crafters experience, and I participated in the 2019 Spring show as well. My favourite part is seeing what other are up to, and making trades with the other crafters and artists!

Where can people find your work? 
I have screen-prints at Inkwell in Halifax and The Trainyard General Store in Dartmouth. Also the internet: and Instagram