Meet the Crafters: Double Dare Print Studio

March 19, 2014 | Halifax Crafters Society

With your Halifax Crafters Spring Market just around the corner, creativity is in full swing!  We visited Double Dare Print Studio for a look behind the scene on their inspiration and process in creating this year’s Spring Market Poster. 
Halifax Crafters Spring Market Poster by Double Dare Print StudioCan you tell us about your inspiration/concept for the poster?
Well it’s been a pretty long and dreary winter and we wanted the focus to be on the bright and happy days of spring that are to come! (Yes, those days ARE coming!) This is actually our very first screen-printed poster and so of course we wanted it to be as bright and eye catching as possible. The nice bright yellow sun breaking through the clouds seemed like a very uplifting image to see in the streets! We hope it makes people smile when they see it.
Double Dare Print Studio death by printing

What is the process you used to create it?
The posters are hand screen printed in our little north end studio. Everything starts out as a pile of sketches. I (Bryanna) create the illustrations, and begin each print as many ideas and doodles that over time come together to become print! Once things come together visually in my sketchbook I create a final drawing that will be used as the key, (the outlines) of the finished print. This drawing gets scanned into the computer.
Double Dare Print Studio sketch for Halifax Crafters Spring Market Poster
With screen-printing, each colour is a separate pull of ink, so each colour represented in the final print has to be separated out into layers. Our Spring Crafters poster has three colours plus the dark charcoal key, so that’s four layers, and four pulls. Are ya with me??
Double Dare Print Studio and Halifax Crafters

I create the layers in Illustrator on the computer, then send them to be made into acetates which THEN get exposed to our screens via the magic of light and photo sensitive emulsion in our little closet darkroom! Once they have been exposed (four screens, one for each layer of colour) we wash them out and a stencil is left in the screen. We can then finally begin printing!
Double Dare Print Studio printing Halifax Crafters Spring Market Poster

Where the lines and layers lay on the screen under the light, is where the photo sensitive emulsion washes out. We can then pull ink through the screen onto paper with our squeegees and ever-growing bicep muscles and voila! The printing process has begun. We pull for example all of the blue, then all of the yellow etc. until we have layered on all four colours to complete the print!
Double Dare Print Studio

Any relevant details about the poster, process or inspiration?
We were really excited to make our first poster and to have the opportunity to take it to the streets! Both Alyssa and I are really inspired by the local talent here in Halifax and all of the awesome people who have supported our work at the past Crafters events. They keep us going. What a great group of awesome and supportive people! We hope folks on the streets see our poster and feel good about Halifax, a city full of talented people.