Meet The Crafters: Grindhouse Blade Care

April 16, 2015 | Halifax Crafters Society

Grindhouse Blade Care, a local company specializing in knife, shear, and straight blade sharpening, employs methods that are based firmly in heritage craft. Joshawa Lamkey, the master of all things sharp, uses techniques that are hundreds of years old to restore and customize blades that are equally as old. “I believe that nothing can replicate or replace the quality of work that is done by hand,” he says. “In fact, there is no machine that can do the type of delicate restoration I do without destroying it”.

While Joshawa says he does introduce some modern materials and stylized designs, his personal mark will always remain true to a classic sensibility.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I began creating through Grindhouse Blade Care in 2013, edging and restoring bladed tools: knives, scissors, and straight razors, etc. My work was well received, and through the enthusiastic clients and a very supportive community that I’ve found in Halifax, I’ve been able to immerse myself in my trade and grow my endeavor in a very organic way. Words cannot describe how thankful I am!

Why did you choose the elements you did?

They really don’t make ‘em like they use to! I find it very rewarding to bring something gone back to life, and to put it back into service. Whether, it’s in service of a classic shaving experience or a unique ornamental piece. I’m not interested only in creating useful tools, but something more; something with soul and something that will become a vessel for nostalgia. I like to think that what I create aren’t just useful objects, but heirlooms, and that what I do isn’t simply applied skill, but a manifestation of a mindset and personal values.

What makes Halifax Crafters different from other shows?

Halifax Crafters Society shows are different from others in that they’re are much more accessible to new crafters, and connected to the community of other craft fairs. The jury always does an impeccable job of picking crafters who have something to show that is not only unique, but has personality and integrity. These are part of a product. The biggest part!

When not at the Halifax Crafters Market, where can we find your work?
Outside of craft fairs, I can be found with my work at the Historic Farmers Market in the Keith’s Brewery every Saturday or at my North End studio. As well, a web store is in the works to make my works more readily available to people who are not local to HRM.


What inspires you to create?
I create in my North End studio with CBC Radio 1,2 or 3 in the background (I’m not even sure if my radio shuts off).

When you’re not creating, what do you like to do?

If you see me around I’ll have my best friend with me; a gorgeous puppy named Jetson. We go everywhere together. It’s very fortunate that I like doing puppy things, playing in the dirt and running around just for the sake of it!

When we’re not working, we’re probably camping.


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