Meet the Crafters: Crossed Keys Pie Shoppe

November 21, 2019 | Halifax Crafters Society


Crossed Keys Pie Shoppe

Crossed Keys Pie Shoppe is the new small business by recent South Shore repatriate Moriah Lutley. Now living in Mahone Bay, Lutley spent time as an executive baker for a pie company (yeah, we know, dream job!) with multiple locations in Vancouver before moving back to the East Coast last November. Since then, Lutley’s expertly made pies have been the highlight of many a party in the province.

Lutley’s sister, Katie Gillis (of Katiebette Embroidery), will also be at the Winter Market this year. “I’ve gotten to enjoy the pies for years,” says Gillis. “I’m super jazzed that we’ll be at a show together and everyone will get to experience them!”

Crossed Keys is currently baking out of Chester, and takes custom orders for pies. Dietary restrictions and preferences are happily accommodated – a vegan apple crumble pie was a hit for a recent staff party. Here, Lutley answers a few pressing questions for us ahead of her debut at the Halifax Crafters Winter Market.

Tell us about your new business! What do you do?

I find local fruits that I’m excited about and turn those into pies. I also sift through older recipes and try to give a new look on the old favourites.

Where did the name Crossed Keys come from?

Crossed keys comes from the society of the crosses keys, a nod to Wes Anderson’s film,  “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. A society of bodies who work in the hospitality business having each other’s backs and getting the job done! My husband and I have always enjoyed the Wes Anderson films and the aesthetic that comes along with them is just so dang great.

How did you get into baking?

I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember! Though I got a bit serious about it in my first year of college taking Boulanger & Baking arts, primarily bread focused.

If Halifax / Nova Scotia was a pie, what would it be?

Oh I love this question! Halifax would be a salted caramel apple pie, traditional, everyone’s favourite with a salty edge. Nova Scotia would probably be a blueberry pie! Blue like the ocean, and everyone knows the best blueberries come from here!

Do you have a personal favourite pie?

My personal favourite is lemon meringue. Can’t beat a tart lemon curd with a halo of fluffy meringue on top. And I absolutely love torching the meringue, everyone should own a torch.

Where do you get inspiration for your baking?

I have stacks on stacks of baking books, I love pulling one down and sifting through. I also have an affinity for any of the baking my grandmothers did, like a butterscotch pie. I also follow a lot of pie bakers on Instagram if I’m ever feeling stuck, they’re a great resource to refresh the palette.

What’s an underrated pie?

Pumpkin pie! Any crumble top pie! People seem to brush them off in favour of a double crust but sometimes that crumble really hits the spot.

Tell us about the craft aspect of your business.

The craft aspect comes in the form of dreaming up a vision of a pie and putting that into reality. Dreaming up a gorgeous lattice or braided crust and using my hands to bring it to life.

Find Fresh Catch Crossed Keys Pie Shoppe at our Winter Market, November 29th, 30th, and December 1st at the Olympic Gardens Hall in Halifax, Nova Scotia.