Meet the Sponsors: Tucker’s Pottery Supplies

April 27, 2018 | Halifax Crafters Society

When you’re strolling through the Halifax Crafter’s Spring Show May 5th and 6th, you can be sure that some beautiful ceramics will catch your eye. Planters, mugs, bowls, plates, pitchers, vases…swoon, swoon, swoon! And while you’re swooning (and buying!) take a minute to pat yourself on the back for shopping local. But you just might be making an impact nationally and globally too! Curious how? Read on to find out more about the awesome impact of our Presenting Sponsor, Tucker’s Pottery Supplies.

Many of our potters and ceramic artists source materials from Tucker’s Pottery Supplies, a Canadian business supporting small business across the country! You may recall our Christmas feature on Frank Tucker’s company which was started in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 1975. We told you about how Frank Tucker works hard to bring the best, quality materials and supplies to the Canadian ceramics community.

But it’s not just the raw goods that make this company the bees knees! Tucker’s also teaches ceramic artists across the country how to master their skills by offering workshops to learn essential skills, meet others in the industry and brush up on new and old techniques.

These workshops fill up fast, people! The Spring workshop in Halifax on April 28th and 29th sold out quickly. “We have been doing occasional workshops for 30 years at least!” Frank tells us “We offer one or two workshops a year and publicize them at the time they are offered.”  If you are a ceramic artist or potter (professional or aspiring) interested in attending in the future, you can visit Tucker’s website or facebook page to get more information.

So, we’ve covered local and national, but how does buying that mug making a difference globally, you ask? Tucker’s Pottery Supplies supports the Empty Bowls Project, an international organization which raises funds to help end world hunger. Artists around the globe make and donate bowls for events. Guests buy a meal and a handmade bowl, with 100% of proceeds go to hunger-fighting organizations. Tucker’s supports this mission by supplying clay and glazes to participating artists!

We are so proud to have a Presenting Sponsor with such impact at all levels; locally, nationally and globally! Thank you for supporting Halifax Crafters, Tucker’s Pottery Supplies! And to all of you reading, don’t forget to check out their website!