Meet the Sponsors: Made in the Maritimes

November 29, 2017 | Halifax Crafters Society

Imagine a Christmas season where everyone gifted local…sigh! Quality gifts, a beautiful shopping experience, and a boost to the local economy-win, win, win! Our amazing sponsor, Made in the Maritimes, makes it effortless to shop local. They have something special for everyone on your list, two snazzy locations, (Sunnyside Mall in Bedford and the Hydrostone in Halifax) and you can rest easy knowing that every single item is, in fact, made in the maritimes! We talked to shop owner Joel Kelly to get the low down on their mission, and the impact you can have on shopping with them this holiday season!

What made you want open Made in the Maritimes?

We wanted to create an outlet to showcase high-quality, contemporary art and craft. Our mission is to improve the local economy while supporting small business and local entrepreneurs and we currently have around 150 makers on board. (Many of those makers are Halifax Crafter’s-Yay!)

What makes MIM different from other shops?

Everything is locally made which sets us apart from other stores, and we really focus on promoting the products. Our social media has been so great to get the word out there about maritime made items. We have over 25,000 followers on our various social media accounts and these followers genuinely love what we do. (Find MIM on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!)

Toni Losey Pottery

What’s the customer experience like at MIM?

Customers can relax, walk around with a coffee and appreciate the art and craft in a beautiful environment. There is always something new arriving which is great! 

Stone lanterns by Ian Whitehead

What impact has Made in the Maritimes has had on the maker community?

I’d like to think we have raised the profile of many makers since we opened our doors. Many other stores follow us on social media and I often hear of makers being approached after we post images of their work, which leads to more exposure for the maker. It’s been so great knowing that so much craft has moved through the stores! We really feel like we have achieved our goal of promoting locally made items and the industry in general. 

We couldn’t agree more Joel! Thanks so much for supporting Halifax Crafter’s Society.