Meet the Poster Makers: Therese Bombardier & Melissa Marr

November 27, 2016 | Halifax Crafters Society

The Halifax Crafters Winter Market just around the corner! You’ve probably spotted our festive posters brightly adverting the show around town. We caught up with Therese of Therese Bombardier Designs to get the scoop on the poster that she designed with her studio mate, Melissa Marr, and handprinted with the help of fellow Halifax Crafter, Geordan Moore. 


Can you tell us about your inspiration/concept for the poster?

Melissa Marr and I created the poster. We are studiomates and for a while now we wanted an opportunity to collaborate on a project. Melissa creates beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and screenprints and I have a love for lace/doilies and graphic design. We first sat down to sketch out a few poster designs and came up with three completely different concepts but ultimately we were drawn to the lace-snowflake design the most. We were inspired by an antique doily I scanned and my brother helped turn into a silkscreen that we could play around with. We really wanted to incorporate the doily in a new way, it dawned on us that it resembled a giant snowflake and we had the idea of adorning the doily with Melissa’s beautiful illustrated crafter’s tools and creations that relate to the market. We had a lot of fun creating the poster and it allowed for each of us to learn new skills and build on existing ones in the design process, illustration, graphic design and printmaking.



What is the process you used to create the poster?

We screenprinted the poster with the help of Geordan Moore at his awesome Quarrelsome Yeti Studio. The three of us screenprinted 160 posters while stopping for many delicious snacks – it was a lot of work but so much fun!