Meet the Poster Maker: Rob Cameron

May 3, 2017 | Halifax Crafters Society

We are very happy to introduce you to Rob Cameron of Very Satisfied – the designer of our awesome spring market poster! Follow along below to learn how Rob’s vision for the poster came to be. As you can see, it is the perfect representation of spring in Nova Scotia.

You can also check out Rob’s work via his Very Satisfied websiteTwitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

I designed the poster and The Quarrelsome Yeti screen printed it. Like a stereotypical Nova Scotian, weather related themes seemed to inspire me. I gravitated towards umbrellas. I think they’re whimsical and graphically beautiful. My Dad also loves them. If he goes on a trip to a big city, he’ll often browse at a store that sells fancy umbrellas. I called him recently to find out how many he owns. It turns out he only has four or five. In my mind he had an exhaustive collection. I was a little disappointed.

My process began by making by making sketches and thumbnails on paper. I made these drawings by combining imagery from imagination, photos and life.

I ultimately submitted four rough thumbnail sketches to the Halifax Crafters Poster Committee:

Once the Poster Committee selected the design they liked, I worked with them to refine the image based on their suggestions. This is the first rough version I submitted:

The Committee suggested I give them a few different colour options. They selected the yellow version:

I began the process of making the final image. At the same time, I was doing some sketching of Spring Garden Road from the top floor of the library:

As I drew the trees, I realised they’d look good in the poster. I thought they’d add a strong graphic and compositional element that the image was lacking.

Based on this idea, I made another drawing with brush and ink on paper. For the final steps, I coloured and refined the image in Photoshop with an iPad Pro using Astropad:

Thank you so much Rob! 🙂