Meet the Crafters: Lemon Dogs Lemonade

April 22, 2017 | Halifax Crafters Society

Nothing greets the return of warm, sunny weather like an ice cold glass of lemonade. That’s why we’re very excited to have Lemon Dogs Lemonade at our spring market with their fresh-pressed favoured lemonades and handmade ice pops – yum! We caught up with Krista Leger to find out more about her tasty treats and Lemon Dogs’ new Lockside Canteen in Shubie Park:

What do you make?

We’ve been making fresh-pressed flavoured lemonades and handmade ice pops for almost four years, and last summer we opened up a canteen at Shubie Park in Dartmouth to finally serve a full menu. For our second year with the canteen, we’re changing the menu to be latin-inspired, featuring a rotating menu of mexican style tacos, refreshing drinks and frozen treats.

 What is your process?

The past couple of years we’ve lived in and travelled around Mexico for a few months in the winter, which is crazy inspirational. It’s definitely shaped how I cook and work with new flavour combinations. I’m also pretty influenced by various Asian food cultures and methodologies, especially Japanese, Taiwanese, Filipino and Sichuan Chinese. I generally come up with an abstract concept, sometimes even a particular theme, and build out flavour profiles from that base.

Travelling in Mexico!

What is your background?/How did you get started?

I’ve been cooking since I was a kid, but I ended up getting a degree in photography. I did the freelance thing for a while, but I decided it didn’t feel fulfilling enough for me. For fun, I started up a lemonade stand at Alderney Landing on the weekends. The reception was warm enough from people that it eventually turned into a full time gig, and it’s super exciting that it’s been expanding since. Plus, that photo degree has definitely come in handy!

When you’re not selling at Crafters, where can I find your work?

We’re going to be re-opening Lockside Canteen at Shubie Park in May (tacos, frozen treats & drinks), plus we’ll be at Alderney Market every Saturday all season (lemonade, ice pops & freezies.) Stay tuned, we’re working on revamping wholesale this summer: soon after the start of the season you’ll be able to find our products in various locations around the city again!

 What makes Halifax Crafters different from other shows?

It has such a wonderful energy! Especially the Spring show, with warmth in the air and all the excitement that comes from the cold weather finally being over. Halifax Crafters has such amazing vendors and organizers, with the most enthusiasic patrons, so it’s always a super fun event.

What are you excited about seeing at the Spring Market?

Oh man. Pottery, definitely. The jewelry crafters are always so wonderful, plus there are so many edible treats to choose from!

Where do you do your work?

It’s crazy tiny, but we make everything out of our certified kitchen at Shubie Park. We fit a lot in that wee little space.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work?

I’m partial to upbeat music to keep me motivated while I work. I love California style beachy tunes, classic rock, blues and some pop. I also recently found some pretty rad Mexican artists that I’m going to be putting on rotation at Lockside Canteen this summer to really get me in the taco mood every day.

A place you love?

Honestly, working in Shubie Park has been an absolute dream. We have a water view from the serving window, and it’s really amazing to go on long walks before or after work to explore or go down to the beach.

The view from the Lockside Canteen window

Favourite time of the year?

Is it totally cliche to say summer? We’re a lemonade & ice pop company, so yeah. Summer.

3 things you need in order to create?

Our trusty manual lemon presses, my Vitamix and a well sharpened knife.

John McCarthy captured the lemon press in action at our winter 2016 market!