Meet the Crafters: Cabbage Patch Kimchi

April 14, 2018 | Halifax Crafters Society

If you are looking to spice things up this spring, make sure to visit the lovely Jessie Palmer of Cabbage Patch Kimchi at the show! “Cabbage Patch Kimchi uses the time-honoured and traditional method of making kimchi,” Jessie explains. Though she learned to make her ferments while living in South Korea, she’s perfected her craft here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In addition to her signature product, she also offers kimbap, mignonette, relish and stocks (and there are rumors that we may see some new products at the Spring show!)  In addition to being great for dinner and great for your health, buying locally made kimchi also great for the local economy- so make sure to snag a jar or two at the show!

Tell us more about your product, Jessie.

We lovingly ferment small batches of artisanal, traditional Korean kimchi, which is a non-dairy probiotic made primarily from Napa cabbage. It’s great for the digestive system and helps rebuild microflora in the stomach which strengthens the immune system, and has many additional health benefits.

Can you tell us about your process?

It is a multi-step process. First, the cabbage is chopped, soaked in a sea salt brine, and drained. Then, it’s coated, leaf by leaf, with handmade red sauce. Once all the cabbage is packed tightly into the crocks, it undergoes anaerobic fermentation while being carefully monitored and ph-tested. This process results in the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that make kimchi so good for you.

How long have you been making kimchi?

A little over six years now. I learned the first year I was living in South Korea and even made it while I was there. There were some strange looks from people when they saw me lugging home a big sack of cabbage over my shoulder (think Santa).

What is the best part about what you do?

There’s this certain euphoric look that comes over a kimchi lover’s face after they’ve sampled Cabbage Patch Kimchi. It’s that. Every time.

What do you want people to know about your business?

I pour my heart and soul into my business. I’m continually improving processes to meet customer demands. I want to thank my customers for their patience and let them know I am always working as fast and hard as I can.

What are three things that people might not know about you?

I eat 80% of my meals in my car.

I’ve been in over 20 countries.

I can only listen to classical piano when doing work that requires concentration.

How do you like to procrastinate?

Consignment shops! I love chatting with all the lovely owners and scouring for gems.

Do you have a favorite expression or motto?

“I’m not young enough to know everything.”

We can’t wait to have you back at the show, Jessie, and are so ready for some spicy, local yumminess!

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