Meet the Crafters: Anne-Sophie Vallée

April 30, 2018 | Halifax Crafters Society

Anne-Sophie Valleé’s fun, fresh jewelry is sure to put a little pep in your step this Spring! Until recently, Anne-Sophie had been focusing more on sculpture and installation pieces, but recently she’s shifted gears and we just adore her new line! When we asked her to tell us what she makes, her answer was almost as pretty as her fun designs:“I make body adornment for those fond of unusual stylish ornaments” Count us in! Come adorn yourself at Anne-Sophie’s table May 5 &6th as she joins Halifax Crafters for her first show!

Tell us what you make, Anne-Sophie.

Before everything, I am a trained goldsmith and metalsmith. I make functional objects as well as non-functional sculptural work.

What’s your background?

I am originally from Quebec, and have moved around a lot. I spent three years traveling through Central America in my early twenties. This is how I became the craftsperson I am today. I wanted to connect with other cultures, and craft became the path shaping my journey. I speak three languages and it has really served me in integrating into new communities. I first learned the basics of jewelry making in 2008 at a school in Taxco, Mexico. In 2011, I graduated from collegial studies in applied arts in Montreal, and recently completed a BFA at NSCAD University in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing.

Can you tell us about your process?

I make pretty much everything from scratch. My profession taught me how to work with raw materials and I feel lucky for the knowledge I have been able to collect around metals and jewellery making over the years. Most of the time I work directly with the three-dimensional object, prototyping with metals right away. Lately, my work has been focusing on colour.

How long have you been making this body of work?

This jewellery is a new project I started in January. Previously, I had been dedicating my practice to one-of-a-kind work. There is a whole scene out there of art jewelers creatively challenging the definition and meaning of jewelry. I have been thinking about the idea of ‘democratic jewelry’ and it is translating now into making this jewellery line that is accessible, wearable, and also original and authentic.

Where do you work?

I have a studio located in the North End of Halifax. It is a shared artist studio space five of us split. Luckily, the building is inhabited by a diverse artistic community and also small businesses. I am also an instructor at the Nova Scotia Center for Craft and Design (NSCCD).

What is the best part about you most about what you do?

The best part is probably the sovereign mental state I find myself in making things.

What are you most excited about for Halifax Crafters Spring Show?

I am really excited to enter the local scene of mindfully driven artisans. Halifax is where I have been living for the last four years and it is where I want to launch myself as an artist. There is a lot of openness and awareness in the community around sustainability and local economy as well as a lot of art educated people.

What do you want people to know about you/ your work?

Jewelry is an object of meaning! Jewelry is a physical object that has the power to embody the emotional and metaphysical, and it give us the ability reflect on materials and value, opening the discussion of authenticity.

What inspires you?

Escaping the ordinariness of everyday life.

Tell us some of your favorites.

Book: Any of Alexandre Jardin

Music: Cocorosie or something just as strange

Food: Anything wrapped in seaweed! And all the ramen soup across town!

Favorite motto?

This one is in French! “Ceux qui pensent font. Ceux qui font pensent.” Basically it says something like making as a way of thinking.

Ooooh We like that one! Can’t wait to see all of your beautiful jewelry Anne-Sophie. Thanks for chatting with us!

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