April 4, 2017 | Halifax Crafters Society


Halifax Crafters is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization with a mandate to encourage new artists and local art making. Our membership and board is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers that work to fulfill our mission and vision within the creative community and organize our bi-annual craft markets to best serve our exhibitors.

To cultivate an accessible environment for craftspeople where their work is valued by providing opportunities to grow, celebrating contemporary handcraft and creating a connection with the community.

To see Halifax flourish as a creative hub where craft is appreciated for both its economic and cultural merit.

Job Title: Treasurer and Board Member

Purpose: It is the position of the treasurer to maintain records of all transactions, create annual and committee budgets in consultation with the board and committees, to keep up to date banking information and to relay this information to the Crafters and to submit our fiscal year end financial reports to the Register of Joint Stock Companies.

Key Responsibilities:

– Work to uphold the mission and vision of Halifax Crafters Society
– Keep up to date records for all transactions
– Make sure Board understands financial obligations
– Create and maintain a balanced budget
– Issue cheques, pay bills, and reimburse member expenses
– Prepare Timely Financial Reports for the Board and Membership Meetings
– Consult with the committees about their financial needs
– Communicate with the board and other committees

Expected Commitment:
1-3 hours per week on a regular basis. Workload can vary throughout the year, increasing when markets happen.
2 year commitment
Be available for Board, Membership, and committee meetings
Lead financial committee

Please respond with letter of intention, bio and CV listing experience by April 11, 2017 emailed to Alissa Kloet: with subject “Volunteering”

You visit our About page for more information on our organization or email our volunteer coordinator at