Addressing Systemic Discrimination

March 31, 2021 | Halifax Crafters Society


 Halifax Crafters Addressing Systemic Discrimination


Halifax Crafters acknowledges the historic, systemic  and ongoing discrimination that affect a number of groups in our community. It is our mission to cultivate an accessible environment for craftspeople, and to create connections within our community. We are committed to pursuing an understanding of contemporary craft from all communities. We are also committed to welcoming and making space for those who identify as Black, African Nova Scotian, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ+;  those who are newcomers to Canada, or identify as neuro-divergent.

What changes have we made for Spring 2021 to address these inequalities?

Halifax Crafters works toward being more inclusive of individuals and communities who face discrimination or have barriers to full participation. Here’s how we are working towards this goal and making space:


*NEW* BIPOC Spaces: Halifax Crafters now holds 12% of the total show spaces per show for crafters who self-identify as BIPOC. See more info in the next section.


Identity Questions: Halifax Crafters includes a section on the application form for individuals to self-identify as being part of an underrepresented group and/or to identify any barriers they faced in completing the application form. Disclosure of this information is voluntary and confidential, and will be used by the jury to more fairly consider these applications.


Board Members 

Halifax Crafters Society is actively seeking new board members. The organization’s goal is to cultivate a diverse and accessible environment for craftspeople where their work is valued by providing opportunities to grow, celebrate contemporary handcraft and create a connection with the community. If you are an underrepresented crafter we want to hear your voice. Any interested applicants, please send an email application by emailing You do not have to be a juried crafter to apply to our board.



We know we, as an organization, have work to do to improve diversity at our shows. As we make changes, we want to correct mistakes and continue to improve. Our board can be reached by emailing We appreciate your care and concern.