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Meet the Poster Maker: Sarah Duggan

November 17, 2018

Our fabulous Winter Poster is full of the warmth and light of the holidays! Designed by Halifax Crafters organizer Sarah…

Meet the Poster Maker: Leigh-Anne Hiltz

May 3, 2018

Chickadees? Check. Pussywillows? Check. Rad colours? Check. What else do you really need? This Spring’s eye-catching poster is designed by…

Meet the Poster Maker: Rob Cameron

May 3, 2017

We are very happy to introduce you to Rob Cameron of Very Satisfied – the designer of our awesome spring market poster! Follow along below to learn how…

Meet the Crafters: Anna Bald

December 3, 2015

Ever wondered about the talent behind the 2015 Winter Market poster for the Halifax Crafters? Meet Anna Bald. She makes…

Meet the Crafters: Anna Ramsay

November 5, 2014

Designer Anna Ramsay, known to many by her maiden name, Anna Stowe, is a woman with a lot of bright…