Category: Meet the Crafters

Meet the Crafters: Cosmic Tree Essentials

April 29, 2017

Attention all beauty (and chocolate) lovers! Beth Thompson has turned her sensitivity to conventional beauty products and love of essential oils into a holistic cosmetics company….

Meet the Crafters: Cucamanga

November 29, 2016

Straight outta the boreal forest, Cucamanga botanical skin care products is making its Halifax Crafters debut at our Winter Market….

Meet the Crafters: UNIK Printshop

November 26, 2016

Sophie Joubarne, of UNIK Printshop, is making her Halifax Crafters debut at our Winter Market. We caught up with Sophie before…

Meet the Crafters: Anna Bald

December 3, 2015

Ever wondered about the talent behind the 2015 Winter Market poster for the Halifax Crafters? Meet Anna Bald. She makes…

Meet the Crafters: Off Beet Farm

December 3, 2015

Sarah and Jamie from Off Beet Farm join the Halifax Crafters bearing jars stylishly packaged and stuffed with immunity boosting…