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Below you’ll find some Frequently Asked Questions that prospective vendors often have. Please take a moment to see if your question is answered below before reaching out to us. Thank you!


**PLEASE NOTE: The Spring 2021 Show is online and so some of these FAQs will not apply. Please note we are only accepting crafters from Nova Scotia for our Spring 2021 Virtual Show.

For further details about the Spring 2021 show, please see our Apply page

Please contact us at halifaxcrafters@gmail.com with any questions. 

Is there a way for me to view my application after I have submitted it?

You can now view your current and past applications from your profile page within our application system.

I have new work that was not juried and approved, can I sell this too?

Yes, but please have it approved prior to the show. Any new work not juried and approved through the initial application, must have approval.

What if I can’t attend the show, can I have someone sell for me?

The unique appeal of Halifax Crafters is that buyers have the opportunity to the makers and create community connections. But hey, life happens. Should you not be able to attend, it is important that you contact us directly. Allowances will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Can I apply with a friend to save money on a table?

You can apply as a pair or collective, but only if your work is cohesive as a collection. Please be aware that if you are applying as a group, that your work will not be juried individually but rather as one group. Past examples of accepted collectives these have been Turnstile Pottery, Inkstorm and the Letterpress Gang.

Can my retail business apply for a table?

Only if you’re selling work handmade by you. There are a lot of retail businesses who sell the work of our Crafters, but we don’t allow them to set up a table at the show. Our shows are a place for individual Crafters and small collectives to sell their own work. If you own a retail shop and you’d like to get involved, please consider sponsoring the show. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact us at halifaxcrafters (at) gmail dot com.

Is my business too big for the Crafters Market?

It is part of our mission to cultivate an accessible environment for craftspeople. Emerging and established artisans are equally celebrated, however preference will be given to newer talent to encourage growth.

My work fits under multiple categories — Can I choose more than one?

Unfortunately, no. Because no one knows your work better than you do, we ask that you choose the one category that best describes your work.

Do you accept crafters that aren’t from Halifax?

Creating and connecting communities is a strong value of Halifax Crafters. A small percentage of crafters are accepted from out of province. However, we maintain a ratio of at least 80% of crafters from within Nova Scotia and a maximum of 20% from out of province.

My work fits all of the above, why wasn’t I chosen?

We see a lot of amazing work and because of the limited space, we’ve had to turn down people with amazing work. We don’t like turning people away, but with only 75 possible spaces and over 150 applications, we can’t include everything we want to.

What we want to stress is that not being accepted isn’t a rejection of your work. If you believe in your work, please keep applying.

Question not answered?

Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.