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The Spring Virtual Market

will be held June 14th-27th

Applications are Open/ Applications close:  April 23 at 10:00pm


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Updates for Returning Applicants

Halifax Crafters is excited to announce their first ever virtual Spring Market! The Spring Market will take place online, through Halifax Crafter’s social media platforms. The fee to participate will be $20.00.

Like our past in-person shows, the Spring 2021 Market will be a juried show. All interested vendors must submit an application through our online system.

We will only be able to accept a very limited number of vendors for Spring 2021- approximately 40 vendors will be selected. Because of the limited space, we are only accepting artists from Nova Scotia. We look forward to including out-of-province vendors in future markets.

How to Apply

Crafters register with our Application System to submit an application.  In your application we ask for details about your product and process as it relates to our evaluation criteria and five images that illustrate the range and quality of your work.

If you have registered with our application system before, we ask that you login with the same email.  You can reset your password at any time.  If you need assistance, send us an email.

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*NEW* 2D Fine Art Originals:
Original two-dimensional hand painted or hand printed pieces. Examples in this category include original drawings, 2D screen printed work, linoleum block printing, letterpress, watercolour painting, acrylic painting and oil painting.

*NEW* 2D Fine Art Reproductions:
This category is for applicants who will sell mostly reproductions of their original two-dimensional works of art. This includes digital work that has been printed on paper and mechanical reproductions of original watercolours, oil paintings and drawings. This category also includes photographic prints, and digitally reproduced stationery like greeting cards.

*NEW* Glass and Metalsmithing:
Original work where either glass or metal are the main material. Examples of work that belong in this category are stained glass art and metal sculpture.

*NEW* Bath and Beauty:
Handmade products for personal care and wellness. This includes products for skincare or personal care such as makeup, soap, lotions, bath salts, shampoos and fragrances. Candles are also included in this category.

*NEW* Kits:
If the majority of your products are original handmade kits, then this new category is for you. The Kits category includes products that are made up of a collection of materials, supplies or parts and perhaps instructions that are meant to be assembled by the customer. An example of this would be a do-it-yourself embroidery kit, where the vendor is supplying an original pattern or instructions along with all the materials needed to complete the project.

3D Fine Art:
This category is for artwork created in three-dimensions including sculptural work in a variety of mediums. Examples of work in this category includes needle felted 3D work, miniatures, floral arrangements, and clay sculpture.

Original work made from a clay material such as earthenware, stonewear, or porcelain. Items in this category would include handmade ceramic dishware like bowls, platters and mugs. 

This category includes homemade food products like chocolates, baked goods, preserves and beverages.


Original handmade work that is designed and created for personal wear. Jewellery can be made from a wide variety of materials such as various types of metals, glass, fibre etc.

Handmade original work that is made mostly from leather. 

Original work that involves special manipulation of paper materials such as cutting or folding. Examples would include papercutting, papier mache and bookbinding. 

Textile Apparel (including accessories):
This category includes original handmade garments and accessories for personal wear made from various types of cloth or woven material. Some examples in this category include original clothing designs in any material, undergarments, hand-knitted items, hand-dyed silk scarves.

Textile Art:
Original household or decorative textile items made of various types of cloth or woven material in two or three dimensions. This includes handmade tea towels, handmade natural yarns, decorative sculpture, soft toys, handwoven rugs or wall hangings. 

Handmade original work made mostly from wood. Some examples in this category are furniture, woodcarving, wood serving boards or cutting boards, wooden tools or utensils and wood turned decorative pieces.  

Application Evaluation

Halifax Crafters is a carefully juried and curated craft market. Our jury includes a selection of 8 – 10 people from a broad variety of art & craft backgrounds, including guest jurors from outside the Halifax Crafters Society. Jurying is assessed using a point system. The following are the key points looked for within each application.

Check out a sample application here.

Applicants are given a score out of 10 based on the following criteria:

Depth of process (3 points) – Priority is given to someone who dyes, prints, drafts the pattern, and sews a garment over someone who buys a pattern and uses already printed fabric.

Independent small scale crafters (1 point) – It is part of our mission to cultivate an accessible environment for craftspeople.  Emerging and established artisans are equally celebrated, however preference will be given to newer talent to encourage growth.

Quality Craftership (2 points) – The quality of your work is very important to us.  If your product is functional, will it be long lasting?  Include details on the steps you take to ensure quality in your work.  Clear photos are important to your application.

Unique and Original ideas (3 points) – Halifax Crafters works to celebrate contemporary handcraft.  We encourage unique and original ideas and artwork.

Branding, Identity and Market Readiness (1 point) – Clarity of voice and intention in products and descriptions.  Thoughtful and professional presentation.

Fresh Catch

The Fresh Catch spaces historically have been held for new and emerging crafters. In 2021, Halifax Crafters Society voted to repurpose these spaces, and instead hold them for BIPOC. For more information on this, see the sections below – Addressing Systemic Discrimination and BIPOC Spaces.

Addressing Systemic Discrimination

Halifax Crafters acknowledges the historic, systemic and ongoing discrimination that affect a number of groups in our community. It is our mission to cultivate an accessible environment for craftspeople, and to create connections within our community. We are committed to pursuing an understanding of contemporary craft from all communities. We are also committed to welcoming and making space for those who identify as Black, African Nova Scotian, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ+; and those who identify as neuro-divergent. 

How are we addressing these inequities?

Halifax Crafters works toward being more inclusive of individuals and communities who face discrimination or have barriers to full participation. Here’s how we are working towards this goal and making space: 

*NEW* BIPOC Spaces: Halifax Crafters holds 12% of the total show spaces per show for crafters who self identify as BIPOC. See more info in the next section.

Identity Questions: Halifax Crafters includes a section on the application form for individuals to self-identify as being part of an underrepresented group and/or to identify any barriers they faced in completing the application form. Disclosure of this information is voluntary and confidential, and will be used by the jury to more fairly consider these applications.


*New* BIPOC Spaces

 Halifax Crafters holds 12% of the total show spaces per show for crafters who self identify as BIPOC. Our application includes a voluntary checkbox for individuals to self-identify as BIPOC. This opportunity is optional and not required for BIPOC crafters. 

Identity Question

Halifax Crafters includes a section on the application form for individuals to self-identify as being part of an underrepresented group and/or to identify any barriers they faced in completing the application form. Disclosure of this information is voluntary and confidential, and will be used by the jury to more fairly consider these applications.

*Updated * Community Groups

Halifax Crafters Society will provide one space free of charge to a  local non-profit community group. For the upcoming show, the organization will reach out and select a group whose work is in line with Halifax Crafters’ mission and vision.

Interested Community Groups may reach out to us by email at, but will not need to fill out an application to the show. 


Once applications are scored, selections are then made from the top ranking applicants. The jury seeks to select a variety of applicants to represent an equal assortment of craft mediums.

Creating and connecting communities is a strong value of Halifax Crafters. A small percentage of crafters are accepted from out of province. For the spring virtual show, 100% of the crafters will be from Nova Scotia. 

Late applications will not be considered

All applicants will be notified of the jury’s decision by mid- September for Winter Market Applications and Mid May for Spring Virtual Market Applications. As Halifax Crafters is a volunteer run organization, jury members are not able to give feedback on individual applications.

Table fees

Fees for the upcoming Spring 2021 market are:

Virtual Market: 


Payment Details

Your table fee must be paid via Paypal upon acceptance of your application. We are not accepting cheques at this time.

If you have questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page before getting in touch. Thanks!