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Taylor Made

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Textile Art

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TaylorMade works entirely in hand processes, naturally dyeing all of her fabrics. Using embroidery to portray radical slogans and imagery TaylorMade draws on the vast history of hand crafted feminism to create items to empower, encourage and softly redefine norms. Craft is the ultimate sumptuous system of defiance.

Please provide a single sentence that describes your work for promotional use.

Radical Craft for radical people. Hand worked embroidery and natural dyes.

Please list out the process from concept to end product, and who is involved.

I naturally dye all my cotton fabrics. I create original slogans preferring to avoid simply recreating pop culture references and I design all imagery used. I draw mostly from my own imagination without the use of photographic reference. Any photographic references I use for imagery are original photos taken by me. I then trace the imagery onto the fabric and stitch by hand. I do all text and decorative stitching free hand with out tracing. I glue the fabric to the back of the hoop for a tidy finish. I design buttons and pocket mirrors using the images of my embroidery and then have these images printed and put into buttons by Mittens Buttons in Halifax. This partnership forms only a small part of my business.